Luca Grossi’s shoe factory was founded in 1970 in Monsummano Terme, Tuscany. During the years of activity, the factory has worked with creativity using its own personal style. It follows the trend of fashion, without compromising on research, quality of materials and manufacturing techniques, which classify each shoe as a unique product.
Luca Grossi, Head of the company, started his activity in his youth, giving all his best with passion and tenaciousness, obtaining excellent results from each of his creations, whom have made his name a prestigious brand.
    Thanks to this work philosophy, particular attention is given to footwear details, expressing to its best the company’s style and their costumers’ satisfaction.


    A key feature of our collections is the wide choice of models, ranging from classic to modern style.
    Our production is based on the use of top-notch leather, tanned in Italy by skilled leatherworkers.
    Each stage of production, such as cut, stitching, assembly and finishing is carried out in Italy.
     Our production is the result of labelled “MADE IN ITALY”, which is the safeguard to the national asset.
    Choosing Luca Grossi’s footwear means appreciating the quality of artisanal manufactures that merge in a functional and modern style.

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